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Our Absolute Positive Guarantee: Tell us what “on-time” is for your construction project and we guarantee that will occur with your dumpster service... OR IT'S FREE!


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S.E.E. the DX difference


First, the health and well-being of people and property.


Second, doing the right things properly the first time.


And finally, maximizing all movement with minimum wasted effort or expense.

Done the right way; the first time!

Does that sound like the kind of dumpster service you need for your project?

Construction Dumpsters

We are a top-rated roll-off dumpster supplier built for the construction industry. Our three generations of experience and commitment to provide best-in-class service allow us to foster lasting client relationships and continue to be leaders in our industry.

01. Customizable Options

We are not locked into only a few dumpster solutions. We will work with you to provide what you need when you need it.

02. Competitive Pricing

We offer pricing plans to help you bring your project in on budget and give you the best value possible.

03. On Time Delivery & Pickup

We offer scheduled services times to meet your needs. You have our word that we will deliver on time and we will back it up with a guarantee.

04. Customer Support

Avoid the automated answering system nightmare and talk to a real live human! We have experienced professionals waiting to assist you with your dumpster rental needs.

06. Recycling Services

Dumpstr Xpress makes every effort to provide complete recycling services to all our clients and is proficient with LEED job requirements.

"I love this company, but more importantly, I love the people who work with me every day. Business is personal."

Jay Haan, owner of DX

We excel at big industrial construction waste removal.

Project Success

At DX, we understand that our clients aim to deliver high-quality projects that are safe, timely, and within budget. To achieve this, we offer a proven, straightforward, and logical approach to supply chain management that fosters trust and eliminates the stress, worry, and hassle typically associated with dumpster service.

With DX, you have the daily opportunity to experience freedom from worry, stress, and hassle. We have worked with some of the largest construction companies in the country on billion-dollar sized projects, delivering exceptional safety records, scheduled and just-in-time response times, and superior price/value deliverables.

Additional Highlighted Projects:

01. Kohler | 1 Million sq ft | New Manufacturing Plant | 300 million construction cost | Client: Mortenson

02. Lucid | Phase 2 Expansion 2.8 million sq ft | 800+ million construction cost | Client: Barton Malow/Okland Construction

03. JLB Partners | 450 Unit New Luxury Multi-Family Apartment Project | 135 million construction cost | Client: JLB Partners

Dumpster Solutions!

Say Goodbye to the 3 Biggest Dumpster Issues on Your Construction Site when you partner with DX.

The 3 Biggest Dumpster Issues for large construction sites.

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Issue #1


Ensuring that there is sufficient capacity to handle the volume of waste generated by the project.

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Issue #2


Closely coordinating the delivery and pickup of dumpsters with the construction schedule.

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Issue #3


The proper location of the dumpsters is crucial for the efficient operation of the construction site.

Waste Removal Solutions

What People Are Saying About Us

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Matt Shea

I wanted to let you and your team know what an integral part of the business that they play in getting a good quality job done the right way. We all have a role to play and it is never the work of one member, but as a team. Your commitment to quality-of-service hasn't gone un-noticed. Every time I call for service, your team is readily available and very professional. Thank you for all that you do.

Superintendent | M.A. Mortenson

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Dave Nacy

I have been in the commercial building business for 38 years, 26 years as a superintendent. I have worked with many different garbage disposal companies over the years but for the last few years I have been working with DX. You are by far the most professional and reliable of them all. Service is always on time if not ahead of time.

Superintendent | Cunningham Limp Development Co.

"I love this company, but more importantly, I love the people who work with me every day. Business is personal.

We are in the dumpster business, competing against the largest public and private haulers in the country, and we are winning a significant market share daily. I believe that success in business comes down to a small number of factors, and the care and treatment of people is always the most important.

Looking back over 50 years of competing in this industry has given me some unique insights. All the standard operating procedures, best practices, systems, and procedures, market analysis, SWOT discussions, etc., are all important but fall far behind the components of great teams and the leaders that take them into the arena every day.

So my story is evolving daily around the team, its leaders, its players, their development and ability to execute. I always make sure to understand that the customer is always number one, but THE TEAM IS THE MOST WORTHIEST!

At the end of the day, the common element for everyone is our “life’s time.” Everyone gets the same amount of time each day, and it is my belief that the commitments people make to the company and team should be honored far beyond the simplistic exchange of “dollars for time.” Consideration for everyone’s “life’s time” is the key to an “esprit de corps” that is candidly almost unbeatable in the marketplace.

So we haul trash. We endeavor to honor each teammate in the process and bring a very unique quality of service to an otherwise unglamorous industry."

​Jay Haan


Get Started Today 100% Risk-Free

Our Absolute Positive Guarantee: Tell us what “on-time” is for your construction project and we guarantee that will occur with your dumpster service... OR IT'S FREE!

- Jay Haan